Google, Women, Manhood

This is going to be one of my more brief blog posts, but I thought that just a Facebook post wasn’t the right medium, because I’m pretty sure all of my friends agree with me.

I tend not to react much to current events, because it’s all largely the same nonsense: this person said something stupid, this male is posturing against that male, this person won an award, etc.

But women in the workplace is something that’s near and dear to my heart. Respect of women, generally, is something near and dear to my heart. And then this boy who works at Google decides that for some reason, it’s important to tell everyone his opinion about women in the workplace: that they’re biologically disinclined for intellectual work. That the rigor is too “stressful”.

So let me get this straight: dealing with a leadership issue or a technical problem is more stressful than pushing a very large human out of a very small orifice? Trying to determine the most effective algorithm for a process is more daunting than facing a predatory world every day and still choosing to take part in it?

The reason there aren’t as many women in STEM or in leadership positions is because of a highly patriarchal culture that brands women with leadership skills as “bossy” or “bitchy”. A culture where there are few role models for women to look up to because men tend to promote other men. A culture where women are marginalized because boys say things like that. A culture where men joke about pornography and prostitution and brag to others about going to strip clubs, all of these institutions that objectify and exploit women so that boys can continue objectifying and exploiting women.

Yes. There are differences between men and women; Indeed, I see more courage and boldness in the women in my life than in the men.

Our role as men, not boys but men, is to support the women we know in their fight against this silly, outdated, fearful mentality that continually relegates women to peripheral roles. And to raise our boys to continue to show that support. And, as a man, I will always try (and probably fail many times) to cultivate a professional environment where men and women are treated as equals.


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Software engineer by day. Closet extrovert. Lover of travel, aviation, dance, and good food. Appreciates a good football game and country music. Firm believer in God. Sometimes knows Spanish and French words. Culinary experimenter, canine enthusiast, and slight philanthropist.
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